The kernel of an idea initiates every project.

Taking an idea to completed project takes experience and attention to the steps to completion.




Once the parameters of the idea are defined, the design starts to take shape. A fence on a property line needs to be so high and so long. How will it look? (Design question) A family with three kids needs a four-bedroom house built on their lot. One story or two? Garage or not? Open concept living/dining room/kitchen or traditional?



The design decisions are laid down in drawings. With drawing the customer and Shoesmith Construction start to actually define the project form. This is when the major changes take place. It’s easier to move a line on a drawing than a fully framed wall in a partially completed home.



Once the drawings are finalized, Shoesmith Construction presents them to the appropriate permitting authorities. This is a complicated process that involves some back and forth. With years of personal experience dealing with the local permitting authorities, Shoesmith Construction excels with an efficient permitting process.



The manifestation of the dream. Almost magic. Day after day. A new wall rises. The roof goes on. Windows arrive and are placed. Siding covers the house wrap.


Eventually the day comes, the owner puts a key in the door and walks into a finished home.


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