Time is Time

Building a house does not happen overnight. From the purchase of a lot to turning the key in the front door to move-in, there are a host of seemingly endless steps to complete.  In the end, it is all worth it.  You have YOUR house, The house is not someone else’s idea of a perfect house with a design overlay of everyone who lived in it since.

One of the advantages Shoesmith Construction holds over other builders in the area is the efficiency with which they are able to work.  With long-term trade relationships, Shoesmith Construction can expedite every section of the process to get it done well, on time and with a quality second to none. The decades of experience in dealing with the City of Fernie and assembling a reliable competent group of sub-contractors can take weeks, even months, off the time of the build and make that move-in day approach that much sooner.

And that’s kind of the point of building your own home, moving in and living there for years and years.